We love Crypto
and we love Beer

Founded by Germans, we introduce the first decentralized brewery!

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Join the BREWtherhood for real live BEERnefits!

We connect thru beer in a decentralized community.

Block by Block, we Chainge the world!

We utilize Blockchain technology to give you a once in a livetime opportunity to
own a Brewery.

Our Tasty Journey

We are brewers by heart! We already have a tasty local beer and are now in the process of building a decentralized brewery in a small town in Germany.

We want to build an on- and offline community that connects thru the love for our beer. Our core values represent those of our beer: sociality, purity, fairness and fun!

We brew tasty beers by day and conquer metaverses by night - but we can't do it alone. Our actions and desicions are all governed by our community for a decentralized beer with taste.

We archieve sociality by supporting various of charities. We archieve purity via transparancy towards the community. We archieve fairness by giving everyone the chance to participate. We archieve fun via awesome tech- and online beernefits.


Batches shipped worldwide


Brands of beer


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Community engagement


Antonius Gress
Rui Lun Tran
Matthias Ferstl
Timo von Grünewaldt
Christoph Lechner
Max Wenderlein

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